We do not get paid until you actually recover funds!

Certified Public Accountants

Wouldn’t you rather have a CPA firm conduct your audit?

95% Client Retention Rate

Our clients value our consistent services allowing them to sign multi-year contracts.

100% Confirmed Claims

Complete & accurate claims and reporting to prevent future losses.


Our off-site audits allow for minimal disruption of your staff.

Maximum Recoveries

We dig deeper to find more than just the “low hanging fruit.”

Serving Over 50 Clients Worldwide

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies with operations across the globe.


“M&A is the only firm I will ever use again.  They recovered nearly two times the amount previous auditors had found.  M&A searched high and low and confirmed 100% of their claims.  Although they were not onsite, they were always available to answer any questions resulting in a very efficient and painless audit.”

Healthcare Supply Chain, Disbursements Director

Serving Over 50 Clients Worldwide