Work Smarter: Reveal. Recover. Protect.

Moody Associates, P.A. identifies and recovers inadvertent overpayments to, and under-deductions from, suppliers that would otherwise remain undetected and lost.  As a CPA firm, we have a solid understanding of the internal control environment.  This enables us to audit your disbursement process quickly and efficiently and to provide value added reports to augment your continuous improvement process. All of our audits are performed completely off-site and require minimal time from our Client’s staff.

Our promise is to recover, protect and preserve your hard-earned money.  Through technological innovations, precision of process and in-depth analysis, we simply find more money for you.

Factors Contributing to Lost Profits

  • Rapid Growth
  • System Conversions
  • Employee Turnover
  • Large Disbursement Volume
  • Unmaintained Vendor Master
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Changing Prices

Why Audit?

  • To recover lost profits
  • To determine root causes
  • To highlight problem vendors
  • To obtain recommendations to prevent future lost profits and enhance internal control systems
  • To close communication gaps between accounts payable and purchasing departments and/or shipping/receiving
  • Errors occur regardless of the sophistication of staff and/or procedures

Our Service Areas

Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

Statement Audits

Consulting Services