Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

We provide a focused and proven methodology to identifying and recovering overpayments and under-deductions with accuracy and speed. Overall, the process is simple; we do all the work. On average, your accounts payable liaison spends less than one hour per week on the project. Please read through our approach to gain a better perspective on how Moody Associates, P.A. (M&A) recovers more money for you.

Maximize After Fee Recoveries

Minimize Future Lost Profits

Our Approach

Data Acquisition – Obtaining complete and accurate data is essential for conducting a successful recovery audit.  Specific and detailed data requests are created and modified based on your client system.  These data requests include, but are not limited to, the following files:

  • Accounts payable paid invoice file
  • Vendor master file
  • Purchase order files

Analysis and Identification – Upon receiving the data through a secure portal, we perform a comprehensive transaction analysis.  To perform this analysis, we utilize a sophisticated software system that is not limited by file size.  We then identify, validate and document all audit findings prior to the recovery stage.  These procedures are conducted off-site at our offices to ensure an efficient audit process and minimal disruption to your staff.

Recovery – First and foremost, WE DO NOT GET PAID UNTIL AFTER YOU DO. For each claim identified, we examine all supporting documentation. Once confirmed by the vendor, a complete documentation package is prepared for each audit finding to facilitate a smooth, uncontested process. Recovery may take several forms including refunds, reductions of future liabilities, or vendor credits.

As your liaison we ensure that communication with your vendors is conducted on a professional level. We will not harm your vendor relationships. Presenting vendors with clean claims will enhance this relationship.

Reports & Recommendations – At the conclusion of the audit, we present comprehensive reports, including a detailed summary of recoveries, our observations related to your accounts payable system and practical recommendations to strengthen your controls and improve your systems overall effectiveness and efficiency.  This reporting is a key element in the delivery of our services and we tailor our reporting to meet your needs.

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