Consulting Services

In addition to our Accounts Payable Recovery Audits and Statement Audits, M&A offers additional consulting services in the following areas:

Master File Analysis

M&A utilizes state of the art software to analyze your vendor master file.  Through data cleansing, verification and enrichment we are able to check all address fields for completeness and accuracy, utilize algorithms to analyze similarities on address fields that would not be captured in a straight duplicate search and consolidate vendors into groups for reporting purposes.  M&A can compare the vendor master and payroll files to validate all employees, cross-reference against USPS’s National Change of Address database, identify and cleanse debarred vendors and identify vendor discrepancies.

Unclaimed Property Consulting

Your company may be submitting more unclaimed property funds than are actually due.  Most unclaimed property audit assessments are higher than what would be legally owed if adequate due diligence procedures were performed.  If you have not been selected for an unclaimed property audit yet, it is likely that you will be in the future.  With the volume of different unclaimed property laws in the US, it is a daunting task for companies to initially comply or maintain compliance.  M&A will help legally reduce your current and future unclaimed property liability and recover previously remitted funds that may have been reported in error.

Contract Review

In today’s fast paced and tightly regulated business environment, it is imperative to have a process in place that allows you to know whether your suppliers/customers are in compliance with the contracts that were negotiated.   M&A’s contract compliance audit services give our clients the assurance that these terms and conditions are being met.  Contract compliance audits offer the opportunity to gain insight into control weaknesses as well as recover lost profits.

Debit Balance Management

M&A assists clients in reducing/collecting debit balances in Accounts Payable.  A detailed analysis is performed proving that funds are due back to the client and collection is effected.

As with all of our auditing and consulting services, M&A will tailor services to meet the needs of your organization.

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